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The S5's firm suspension makes for a bumpy ride on some surfaces, but it's not excessively rough. Enthusiasts will appreciate the minimal body roll in tight turns.

The S5's steering system provides buttery smooth power assistance at low speeds, which makes maneuvering through parking lots a breeze. At higher speeds, the level of assist lessens, which gives you a greater sense of control, but for a performance car there's still too much isolation from the road. If you're looking for a coupe with steering that provides a sense of connection to the pavement, BMW has the car with its 335i.

The S5 comes standard with Audi's Quattro all-wheel-drive system that in this application has a rear-bias torque split that sends 60 percent of engine power to the rear wheels and 40 percent to the front under normal circumstances. This setup gives the S5 some rear-wheel-drive handling qualities Ч like a balanced feel when putting the power down in a curve Ч while retaining the sure-footedness that comes with all-wheel drive.