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Interior quality and detailing is an Audi strong suit, and the S5 doesn't disappoint in this regard. Silver-colored trim encircles the gauges and dash vents, and high-end materials like aluminum, carbon fiber and wood are available in addition to the standard piano black accents. The overall effect is a cabin that's both sporty and elegant — an ideal place to conduct the business of pavement punishing.

The driver and front passenger get leather sport seats that have large side bolsters on both the bottom cushion and backrest. The seats proved comfortable for the duration of my week with the car and came in handy during aggressive driving.

While the seats were comfortable, the placement of the gas pedal made for a slightly uncomfortable leg position. When the driver's seat was at an appropriate distance to work the clutch, I found the gas pedal too close for my liking, resulting in an uncomfortably angled right leg. It's also a struggle to get out of the low coupe, even for the athletically inclined.

The S5 is equipped with Audi's Multi Media Interface, which controls various vehicle operations, like choosing a radio station or changing one of the car's settings. MMI becomes almost second nature with use, but operations like entering an address into the optional navigation system remain tedious even after you've familiarized yourself with the menus.

There's room for two in the back of the S5. Despite the car's low-slung shape, there's tolerable space for two adults here, and more than enough for kids.