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Environmental protection is a top priority in the design, choice of materials and production of your new Audi.

Design measures for economical recycling

  • Х Joints and connections designed for ease of dismantling
  • Х Modular construction to facilitate dismantling
  • Х Increased use of single-grade materials
  • Х Plastic parts and elastomers are labelled in accordance with ISO 1043, ISO 11469 and ISO 1629

Choice of materials

  • Х Nearly all materials used can be recycled
  • Х Similar types of plastics grouped together for easy recycling
  • Х Recycled materials used in manufacture
  • Х Reduced vapour emissions from plastics
  • Х CFC-free refrigerant in air conditioner

Compliance with the laws prohibiting the use of: Cadmium, asbestos, lead, mercury and chrome VI.

Manufacturing methods

  • Х Using recycling material for manufacturing plastic parts
  • Х Solvent-free cavity sealing
  • Х Solvent-free wax for protecting the vehicles in transit
  • Х Solvent-free adhesives
  • Х No CFCs used in production
  • Х Surplus materials used extensively for energy conversion and building materials
  • Х Overall water consumption reduced
  • Х Heat recovery systems
  • Х Water-soluble paint