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Trailer weights

Never exceed the maximum permitted trailer weights.

If you do not load the trailer up to the maximum permitted trailer weight, you can then climb correspondingly steeper gradients.

The maximum trailer weights listed are only applicable for altitudes up to 1000 m above sea level. With increasing altitude the engine power and therefore the car's climbing ability are impaired because of the reduced air density, so the maximum trailer weight has to be reduced accordingly. The weight of the car and trailer must be reduced by 10% for every further 1000 m (or part thereof). This figure refers to the combined weight of the (loaded) vehicle and (loaded) trailer.

The figures for the draw bar weight that appear on the identification plate of the towing bracket are for certification purposes only. The correct figures for your specific vehicle, which may be lower than these figures for the towing bracket, are given in the registration documents. Also refer to.

Distributing the load

Distribute loads in the trailer so that heavy objects are as near to the axle as possible. Loads carried in the trailer must be secured to prevent them slipping.

Where possible, operate the trailer with the maximum permitted draw bar weight on the ball joint of the towing bracket, but do not exceed the specified limit.

Tyre pressure

Check the tyre pressures on your car and adjust for Уfull loadФ conditions (refer to the sticker listing the tyre pressures on the end face of the driver's door). It may also be necessary to adjust the tyre pressures on the trailer according to the recommendations of the trailer manufacturer.

Exterior mirrors

Check whether you can see enough of the road behind the trailer with the standard mirrors. If this is not the case you should have additional mirrors fitted. Both exterior mirrors should be mounted on hinged extension brackets. Adjust the mirrors to give sufficient vision to the rear.


Before starting a journey, check the headlight beam settings with the trailer hitched up. If necessary, alter the height of the headlight beams by means of the headlight range control.

Power supply

When you remove the ignition key the power supply to the trailer is interrupted.

Removable ball joint coupling

Vehicles with a factory-fitted towing bracket are equipped with a removable ball joint coupling. It is carried under the floor panel on the left-hand side of the luggage compartment and is secured by a strap.

We recommend having the car serviced between the normal inspection intervals Note

We recommend having the car serviced between the normal inspection intervals if it used frequently for towing a trailer.