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The brake fluid level can be checked at a glance.

Engine compartment: Markings on brake fluid reservoir

Engine compartment: Markings on brake fluid reservoir

Ц Check the fluid level on the brake fluid reservoir ⇒ fig. 258. It should always be between the УMINФ and УMAXФ marks.

In right-hand drive vehicles the brake fluid reservoir is on the other side of the engine compartment.

The fluid level may drop slightly after a period of time due to the automatic compensation for brake pad wear. This is quite normal.

However, if the level goes down noticeably in a short time, or drops below the УMINФ mark, there may be a leak in the brake system. If the fluid level in the reservoir is too low, this will be indicated by the brake warning lamp. If this should happen, take the car to a qualified workshop immediately and have the brake system inspected.