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Run flat tyres allow you to continue your journey in the event of a loss of tyre pressure.

Run flat tyres have reinforced sidewalls which support the tyre in the event of a loss of pressure.

Run flat tyres must only be used on vehicles which were already factory-fitted with these tyres and which also have a tyre pressure monitoring system*.

Run flat tyres can be identified by the marking RSC (Runflat System Component) on the sidewall.

If you change the tyres on your vehicle from regular tyres to run flat tyres or vice-versa, the control unit must be reprogrammed by an Audi dealer or other qualified workshop.

What are the benefits of run flat tyres?

Run flat tyres ensure that you remain mobile, even in the event of a loss of tyre pressure. In favourable conditions these tyres have an operating range of at least 30 km, however the vehicle must not be driven faster than 80 km/h ⇒in Driving with run flat tyres on page 275. in Driving with run flat tyres on page 275.

The tyre pressures are constantly checked by the tyre pressure monitoring system. When the run flat system becomes active (centre display), it is still the driver's responsibility to check the tyre(s) affected and to decide whether it is possible to continue driving. Also refer to, Driving with run flat tyres.

When is it no longer possible to continue driving with the help of the run flat tyres?

If the Electronic Stabilisation Program (ESP) is out of operation or is triggered continuously.
If the tyre pressure monitoring system is out of operation.
If one of the tyres has been severely damaged in an accident, etc. If a tyre has been badly damaged there is a risk that parts of the tread can be thrown off and cause damage to the fuel lines, brake pipes or fuel filler.
You must stop driving if severe vibrations occur, or if the wheel starts overheating and gives off smoke.
You must also stop driving if damage to the tyres (e.g. tears in the sidewalls) becomes apparent.

Please ask your Audi dealer or qualified workshop whether run flat tyres WARNING

Please ask your Audi dealer or qualified workshop whether run flat tyres can be used on your vehicle. Unauthorised use of these tyres can invalidate the vehicle's type approval for use on public roads.

Furthermore, this could cause damage to your vehicle and possibly also result in an accident.


  • If you cannot continue driving even with run flat tyres please obtain professional assistance.
  • You should obtain professional assistance if you are in any doubt regarding the rims and tyres for your vehicle.