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Please remember that the vehicle's handling will be impaired.

Driving a vehicle with a deflated tyre, or with insufficient tyre pressure, is an abnormal situation. However, since the handling of a vehicle equipped with run flat tyres is only slightly impaired, it is important to remember that you are driving with a deflated tyre. If you have to make use of the run flat system please remember the following points:

Ц The Electronic Stabilisation Program (ESP) must be switched on.
Ц Do not exceed 80km/h ⇒ Ц Anticipate the traffic situation well in advance..
Ц Anticipate the traffic situation well in advance.
Ц Be careful when accelerating.
Ц Avoid unnecessary braking and steering manoeuvres.
Ц Reduce speed in good time before corners and potential hazards.

Please refer to, УWhen is it no longer possible to continue driving with the help of the run flat tyres?Ф

Effects on handling when driving with defective tyres

If one of the front tyres is defective, your vehicle will tend to pull slightly towards that side and braking performance will be impaired.

A defective rear tyre will also make the vehicle pull slightly to one side, and the braking response will again be slightly impaired. These effects will be most noticeable when driving in a corner.


  • Х When using the run flat system the changes in vehicle handling will be noticeable when braking, in corners and during fast acceleration.
  • Х The maximum permitted speed of 80 km/h is subject to road and weather conditions. Always observe the relevant rules and regulations. Run flat tyres allow you to continue your journey in the event of a loss of tyre pressure. However, the driver remains responsible for the safety of the vehicle and for restoring the correct tyre pressure and having defective parts replacedgggggg 276. For these reasons you should always adjust your driving to suit the circumstances.

We recommend that you drive with great care when making use of the run flat Caution

We recommend that you drive with great care when making use of the run flat system. Avoid abrupt manoeuvres.