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The tools and the Tyre Mobility System are stored under the floor panel in the luggage compartment.

Luggage compartment: Tools, Tyre Mobility System and jack

Luggage compartment: Tools, Tyre Mobility System and jack

If you need the tools, the Tyre Mobility System or the jack*, you will have to open the floor panel and take out the spare wheel*.

The tool kit includes:

  • Х A hook for removing hub caps
  • Х Pin for mounting a wheel
  • Х Screwdriver with reversible blade
  • Х Tool for changing bulbs
  • Х Interchangeable socket (Torx socket for changing bulbs)
  • Х Crank handle for jack
  • Х Adapter for anti-theft wheel bolts*
  • Х Jack*
  • Х Box spanner for wheel bolts
  • Х Towline anchorage

Some of the parts listed are only fitted on certain models or are optional extras.

Before stowing the jack* again, wind down the arm of the jack as far as it will go.


  • Х Do not use the hexagonal socket in the screwdriver handle to tighten the wheel bolts. It is not possible to tighten the bolts with the required torque Ц risk of accident.
  • Х The jack supplied by the factory is only designed for changing wheels on this model. On no account attempt to use it for lifting heavier vehicles or other loads Ц risk of injury.
  • Х Never start the engine when the vehicle is on the jack - risk of accident.
  • Х If work has to be done under the vehicle, ensure that it is safely supported on stands designed for the purpose, otherwise there is a risk of injury.