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What you must do after changing a wheel.

Ц Place the wheel with the defective tyre in the spare wheel well and secure it.
Ц Put the tools and the jack* back in the luggage compartment.
Ц The inflation pressure of the newly fitted spare tyre must be checked as soon as possible.
Ц Have the tightening torque of the wheel bolts checked as soon as possible with a torque wrench. The correct tightening torque is 120 Nm.
Ц Have the flat tyre replaced as quickly as possible.


  • Х If you notice that the wheel bolts are corroded and difficult to turn when changing a wheel, they must be replaced before having the tightening torque checked.
  • Х In the interest of safety, drive at moderate speeds until the tightening torque of the wheel bolts has been checked.