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If necessary, the engine can be started by connecting it to the battery of another vehicle.

If the engine should ever fail to start because of a discharged battery, the battery can be connected to the battery of another vehicle to start the engine. Suitable jump leads are required.

Both batteries must be rated at 12 Volts. The capacity (Ah) of the booster battery should not be significantly lower than that of the discharged battery.

Jump leads

The jump leads must be heavy enough to carry the starter current. Refer to the details given by the manufacturer.

Only use jump leads with insulated battery clamps.

Positive cable Ц usually red
Negative cable Ц usually black


  • Х When it is discharged the battery can freeze at temperatures around 0∞C. A frozen battery must first be thawed out before connecting the jump leads, as it could otherwise explode.
  • Х Please note the safety warnings referring to working in the engine compartment.


  • Х There must be no contact between the two vehicles as otherwise current could flow as soon as the positive terminals are connected.
  • Х The discharged battery must be properly connected to the vehicle's electrical system.
  • Х Switch off the car telephone if necessary. Details will be given in the manufacturer's instructions for the car telephone.