Electronic stabilisation program (ESP)Electronic stabilisation program (ESP)  - Warning and indicator lamps - Controls - Audi A5 Owner's Manual - Audi A5

This warning lamp monitors the electronic stabilisation program.

The warning lamp functions: has the following functions:

Х It flashes when the ESP or traction control system (ASR) intervenes while the vehicle is in motion.
Х The warning lamp will light up continuously if the ESP or the traction control system (ASR) has been switched off using the ESP OFF button.
Х It lights up when the ignition is switched on and should go out again after about 2 seconds. This signals that the lamp is working properly.
Х It will light up continuously if there is a malfunction in the ESP.
Х It will also come on if a fault should occur in the ABS because the ESP operates in conjunction with the ABS.

If the battery has been disconnected, if the battery voltage is very low, or if the engine has been started from an outside power source, the ESP system will perform an initialisation of the various on-board sensors while you drive the first few metres. The warning lamp will light up during this period. It will go out when the initialisation has been completed.

If the warning lamp lights up and stays on after the engine is started, this may mean that the control system has temporarily switched off the ESP. In this case the ESP can be reactivated by switching the ignition off and then on again. If the warning lamp goes out, this means the system is fully functional.

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