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The on-board computer is controlled by means of two switches on the windscreen wiper lever.

Fig. 20 Windscreen wiper lever: On-board computer controls
Fig. 20 Windscreen wiper lever: On-board computer controls

Ц Press the top or bottom of the function selector switch A. This displays the on-board computer readouts one after the other.

The on-board computer can only be operated while the ignition is switched on. When the ignition is switched on, the display shows the function that was last selected.

As well as the figures from the on-board computer (computer 1 or 2), the display can also show information from the digital speedometer and navigation system*. Press the Reset button B briefly to switch back and forward between these displays.

Resetting figures to zero

To cancel one of the computer readings individually, select the required function and press the RESET button B for at least one second. The following values can be reset to zero individually using the Reset button:
Х Average fuel consumption
Х Average speed
Х Driving time
Х Distance covered

You can also cancel all the values in the single journey memory or the total journey memory at the same time.

The information in the memory is cancelled if the battery is disconnected.