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The auto-check control checks important components and vehicle systems. These background checks are run constantly, as long as the ignition is switched on.

A message is displayed in the instrument cluster if a fault should occur or if any maintenance or repairs are urgently required. This is accompanied by an audible warning signal. Depending on the priority of the fault, a red or yellow warning symbol lights up in the display.

The red symbols indicate a serious malfunction, whereas the yellow ones represent other malfunctions or items requiring attention.

Additional messages to assist the driver may be shown with the red or yellow symbols.

Automatic gearbox* function test

The auto-check control automatically checks the vehicle systems when the ignition is switched on. If the selector lever is in position P or N, the following instruction will appear:

When stationary apply footbrake while selecting gear

When a gear (R, D etc.) is selected, this message disappears and the auto-check control function is displayed.

The driver message will disappear 30 seconds after switching on the ignition or earlier, if there are other driver messages or malfunctions.

If one or more faults are detected, the driver information message (as above) will disappear about 15 seconds after the engine has been started and the appropriate fault symbol(s) will appear in the display. The warning display will be accompanied by the corresponding warning chime.