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The vehicle can be locked and unlocked via the central locking system. You can use any of the following:
Х Remote control key
Х Door handles in conjunction with advanced key
Х Lock on driver's door
Х Interior central locking switch

Unlocking one side of the vehicle only

When you lock the vehicle, the central locking system will lock the doors and the boot lid. When you unlock the vehicle, the central locking system will unlock either the driver's door only, or all the locks on the vehicle, depending on the setting you have selected on the sound system or MMI.

Automatic locking function (Auto Lock)

The Auto Lock function locks the doors and the boot lid when the vehicle exceeds a speed of about 15 km/h.

The vehicle is unlocked again when the ignition key is removed.

Alternatively, the vehicle can also be unlocked via the central locking switch or by pulling one of the inside door handles. The Auto Lock function can be switched on and off on the sound system or MMI.

In the event of an accident in which the airbags inflate, the doors will be automatically unlocked to facilitate access and assistance.

Deadlock mechanism

The central locking system is combined with a deadlock mechanism.

Once the vehicle has been locked from the outside, the door handles on the inside are deactivated. This makes it more difficult to break into the vehicle.

Anti-theft alarm system

If the anti-theft alarm system senses interference with the vehicle it triggers an audible and visible alarm.

The anti-theft alarm system switches on automatically when the vehicle is locked. It switches off automatically if you unlock the vehicle using the remote control.

If you unlock the vehicle by inserting the key in the drivers door, the ignition must be switched on within 15 seconds, otherwise the alarm will be triggered. On some export versions, the alarm is triggered immediately when you open a door.

To deactivate the alarm, press the unlock button on the remote control key or switch on the ignition. The alarm will also switch itself off when it comes to the end of its cycle.

Switch off the interior monitor and tow-away protection if you wish to prevent the alarm from being triggered accidentally.

Turn signals

The turn signals will flash twice when the vehicle is unlocked and once when the vehicle is locked. If the turn signals do not flash, one of the doors, the bonnet or the boot lid is still open.

Accidental lock-out

The central locking system prevents you from being locked out of the vehicle in the following situations:
Х When the driver's door is open, it cannot be locked together with the other door by pressing the central locking switch and then closing the door.
Х On vehicles with advanced key*, the boot lid will be released again automatically if the remote control key that was last in use is left inside the boot when the boot lid is close.

To prevent yourself from being locked out, do not lock the vehicle with the remote control key before closing the doors or boot lid.

Do not leave anyone (especially children) in the car if it is locked from the outside and the deadlock mechanism is activated: the doors and windows cannot then be opened from the inside.
Locked doors could delay assistance in an emergency, potentially putting lives at risk.

Х Never leave any valuable items in the vehicle unattended. Even a locked vehicle is not a safe.
Х If the diode on the driver's window sill lights up for about 30 seconds when the vehicle is locked, the central locking system or anti-theft alarm* is not working properly. Please have the malfunction repaired by an Audi dealer or qualified workshop.
Х The interior monitor of the anti-theft alarm* system will only function as intended if the windows and the tilting panorama roof* are closed.