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The background lighting of the instruments, the centre console and the display can be adjusted as required.

Fig. 53 Instrument lighting
Fig. 53 Instrument lighting

Ц Briefly press the knob to release it.
Ц Turn the button clockwise +Ф to increase the brightness of the instrument lighting in dark conditions.
Ц Turn the button anti-clockwise -Ф to reduce the brightness of the instrument lighting in dark conditions.
Ц Press the knob in again to prevent the setting from being changed unintentionally.

The instrument lighting (dials and needles), the centre console illumination and the illumination of the displays are regulated by a light sensor incorporated in the instrument cluster. In bright conditions any changes made to the brightness of the instrument lighting have no effect.

The instrument lighting (illumination of dials and needles) is switched on when the ignition is on and the vehicle's lights are off.
The instrument lighting is dimmed automatically as the daylight starts to fade; it is switched off completely when the light conditions become very poor. This function is intended to remind the driver to switch on the dipped-beam headlights in good time when light conditions become poor.