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Use the service position to change the wiper blades.

Fig. 64 MMI display: Windscreen wipers
Fig. 64 MMI display: Windscreen wipers

Fig. 65 Service position
Fig. 65 Service position

You can set the wipers to the service position on the sound system or MMI*.

Ц If the wiper blades are not frozen to the windscreen, move the windscreen wiper lever to the "off" position 0.
Ц Select: Function selector button CAR > Windscreen wipers > Service position.

Х on - the wiper blades can only be replaced when the wiper arms are in the service position ⇒ fig. 65. If you only work on the wipers when they are in the service position you will also avoid damaging the paintwork on the bonnet.
Х off - the windscreen wipers will be moved back to their original position.

Never move the vehicle with the front wiper arms in a raised position as they are automatically moved back to their normal park position above a speed of 6 km/h. The paintwork on the bonnet may be damaged as a result.

Х You can also use the service position, for example, if you want to fix a cover over the windscreen in the winter to keep it clear of ice.
Х The service position is automatically set to off when you operate the windscreen wiper lever or the road speed exceeds 6 km/h.