Loading the luggage compartmentLoading the luggage compartment  - Luggage compartment - Seats and storage - Controls - Audi S5 Owner's Manual - Audi S5

Loads in the luggage compartment should be safely secured.

Fig. 79 Heavy items should be placed as far forwards as possible.
Fig. 79 Heavy items should be placed as far forwards as possible.

To maintain safe handling on the road, please observe the following points:
Distribute the weight as evenly as possible.
Position heavy items as far forward as possible ⇒ fig. 79.
Secure the load with the luggage net* or with non-elastic straps secured to the fastening rings*.

Unsecured objects in the luggage compartment can suddenly shift and cause changes in the handling of the vehicle.
In an accident or a sudden manoeuvre, loose objects in the passenger compartment can be flung forward and possibly injure vehicle occupants.
Always store objects in the luggage compartment and secure with suitable straps. This is especially important for heavy objects.
When you transport heavy objects, always keep in mind that a change of the centre of gravity can also cause changes in vehicle handling.
Please observe the important safety warnings Safe driving.

Adjust the tyre pressure to match the vehicle loading - the correct pressures are specified on the sticker on the end face of the driver's door.