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Loads carried on the roof must be securely attached. The car's handling is affected when transporting loads.

The maximum permissible roof load for your vehicle is 75 kg. The load limit applies to the combined weight of the carrier system and the load itself.

It will not be possible to carry the full maximum load if the roof carrier you are using is rated for a load which is less than this figure.

Do not exceed the maximum weight limit for the roof carrier, which is listed in the fitting instructions.

Х To prevent accidents, loads carried on the roof must be securely attached.
Х Do not exceed the maximum roof load for the vehicle, the maximum axle loads or the maximum gross vehicle weight, as this could cause an accident.
Х When transporting heavy or bulky loads on the roof, bear in mind that the car's handling is affected by the extra weight on the roof and a possible susceptibility to cross winds. Adjust your speed and driving style accordingly to avoid accidents.

For the sake of the environment
The increased air resistance when the roof carrier is fitted means that the vehicle uses more fuel. For this reason you should always take off the roof carrier when it is not in use.