Air outlets for rear passengersAir outlets for rear passengers  - Deluxe automatic air conditioner plus - Heating and cooling - Controls - Audi S5 Owner's Manual - Audi S5

The air outlets for the rear cabin are located in the centre console.

Ц The outlets can be opened and closed by turning the thumbwheels.
Ц The direction of air delivery from these outlets can be adjusted horizontally and vertically using the adjuster in the centre of each outlet grille.

The flow of air from the outlets is controlled either automatically or manually, depending on the operating mode selected. All the outlets can provide air which is either heated, unheated, or cooled.

The heater outlets for the rear footwells are located under the front seats.

When the air conditioner is operating in the cooling mode the air is directed mainly to the outlets in the centre console. To ensure an adequate cooling effect, you should not close these outlets completely.