Pre-selecting a speedPre-selecting a speed  - Cruise control system - Driving - Controls - Audi S5 Owner's Manual - Audi S5

When the cruise control system is deactivated you can pre-select a speed to use later.

Push the lever A up towards + or down towards - ⇒ fig. 135 in order to increase or reduce the cruising speed setting.
Release the lever to store the cruising speed setting displayed.

This function allows you to enter the desired cruising speed ahead of time, for example, before joining a motorway. Once you have joined the motorway you can then activate the cruise control system as if you were resuming the function ⇒ Resuming cruise control.

Pre-selection after starting the engine

After starting the engine there is no cruising speed stored in the system. The current speed is stored when you briefly push lever A up towards + (if the speed is above 30 km/h). If the speed is lower, 30 km/h is stored.