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Rear parking aid

The parking aid gives an acoustic warning if it detects any obstacles behind the vehicle.

Ц Engage reverse gear. You will hear a short beep to confirm that the rear parking aid has been activated. The rear parking aid remains active for as long as the reverse gear is engaged.

The measuring range of the sensors in the rear bumper starts at approximately:



When the vehicle is reversing, the system starts to beep when it registers an obstacle within its detection range (see above). The warnings will beep increasingly rapidly as the vehicle approaches the obstacle.

When the vehicle is less than approx. 0.30 m away from the obstacle the warning tone will sound continuously. From here at the latest, the driver should then not reverse any further.

The volume of the warning beeps will be gradually reduced after about 4 seconds if the vehicle remains at a constant distance from a detected obstacle (it will not be reduced if the obstacle is closer than 0.30 m). The warnings will then return to the normal volume if the vehicle approaches the detected obstacle again.

beeps WARNING beeps

The warning beeps are produced by sound boxes. The volume and pitch of the beeps can be adjusted in the MMI.

Х The sensors have blind spots in which obstacles are not registered.
It is particularly important to ensure that there are no small children or animals near the vehicle, as the sensors may not always be able to detect them.
Х The parking aid cannot replace the full concentration of the driver. The driver is always responsible for safety during parking and other manoeuvres. Always keep a close watch on the area around the vehicle.
Х Please note that low obstacles detected by the system may no longer be registered by the sensors as the car moves closer, so the system will not give any further warning. Certain kinds of obstacles (such as wire fences, chains, thin painted posts or trailer draw bars, etc.) may not always be detected by the system (accident risk).

Х To ensure that the acoustic parking aid works properly, the sensors must be kept clean and free of snow and ice. Please observe the additional notes on.
Х Please refer to the notes on towing