Parking next to an obstacleParking next to an obstacle  - Special parking situations - Audi parking system - Controls - Audi S5 Owner's Manual - Audi S5

When parking next to an obstacle it is important to keep sufficient distance at the side.

Fig. 157 Viewed from above: Parking next to a wall
Fig. 157 Viewed from above: Parking next to a wall

When using УParking mode 2Ф you can park your vehicle very close to the kerb of the pavement ⇒ fig. 146.

However, if you are parking, for example, next to a wall, you must keep a greater distance to the side in order to avoid any collision damage. Position the long side of the blue area marking in such a way that there is sufficient distance to the kerb. The area marking must NOT touch the kerb ⇒ fig. 157.

You also have to steer in the opposite direction a lot earlier. This means that the blue curve ⇒ fig. 152 must not touch the kerb - make sure there is a sufficient distance to the kerb ⇒ WARNING.

Х Please make sure you keep a sufficient distance between the vehicle and any obstacles to make sure that the exterior mirror or edge of the vehicle do not collide with the obstacle (accident risk).
Х The parking aid cannot replace the full concentration of the driver. The driver is always responsible for safety during parking and other manoeuvres. Always keep a close watch on the area around the vehicle.
Х When parking or manoeuvring do not rely solely on the MMI display. Some objects (e.g. narrow posts or bars) may - due to the resolution of the display screen - not be displayed in a satisfactory manner or may not be displayed at all.