Re-programming a buttonRe-programming a button  - Universal transmitter - HomeLink - Controls - Audi S5 Owner's Manual - Audi S5

A HomeLink button can be re-programmed individually without affecting the other button allocations.

At the operating unit in the headliner

Ц Press and hold down the selected button until the indicator diode ⇒ fig. 160 starts flashing slowly.

At the radiator grille

Ц Hold the original hand-held transmitter for the garage door opener or other device directly in front of the radiator grille of your vehicle (at or near the centre) ⇒ fig. 161. The exact distance depends on the system that you want to program.
Ц Press the button on the original hand-held transmitter for the garage door opener or other device.
Ц As you do so, watch the turn signals on your vehicle.
HomeLink confirms successful programming by flashing all four turn signals three times.
Ц If the turn signals fail to flash three times, repeat the procedure with the transmitter held at a different distance from the radiator grille.

When the turn signals have flashed three times, this means the device previously stored in HomeLink has been erased and the new system programmed in its place. To activate the new system, press the HomeLink button that has just been re-programmed.

It may require several attempts before programming is successful.
When programming a new device, keep the button pressed for at least 15 seconds before trying again with the transmitter in a different position. Keep watching the turn signals during that time.