Before every tripBefore every trip  - General notes - Safe driving - Safety - Audi S5 Owner's Manual - Audi S5

The driver is responsible for the safety of the passengers and the safe operation of the vehicle at all times.

For your own safety and the safety of your passengers, always note the following points before every trip:
Ц Make sure that all lights and turn signals are working properly.
Ц Check the tyre pressures.
Ц Make sure that all windows are clean and give good visibility to the outside.
Ц Secure all luggage and other items carefully.
Ц Make sure that no objects can interfere with the pedals.
Ц Adjust the front seat, head restraint and mirrors correctly.
Ц Make sure that the head restraints for all passengers are adjusted to the correct position.
Ц Make sure that children are protected with suitable safety seats and properly worn seat belts.
Ц Sit in the correct position in your seat and make sure that your passengers do the same.
Ц Fasten your seat belt correctly. Make sure that your passengers do the same.