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Occupants can suffer severe or fatal injuries injuries if they sit in an incorrect position while the vehicle is moving.

Seat belts can only provide maximum protection if the belt webbing is positioned correctly. Sitting out of position greatly reduces the effectiveness of the seat belts and increases the risk of injury since the belt webbing is not worn in the position for which it is designed. The driver is responsible for the safety of all vehicle occupants, especially for children.

Never allow anyone to sit out of position while the vehicle is moving ⇒ The following list shows just some examples of incorrect sitting.

The following list shows just some examples of incorrect sitting positions which can be dangerous to all occupants. The list is not complete, but will help to make you aware of possible dangers which can be avoided.

Therefore, whenever the vehicle is moving:
never stand up in the vehicle,
never stand on the seats,
never kneel on the seats,
never travel with the backrest reclined too far,
never lean against the dash panel,
never lie down on the rear seat,
never sit on the front edge of a seat,
never sit sideways,
never lean out of the window,
never put your feet out of the window,
never put your feet on the dash panel,
never put your feet on the seat cushion,
never ride in the footwell,
never travel on a seat without wearing the seat belt,
never climb into the luggage compartment.

Sitting out of position increases the risk of severe injuries.
Sitting out of position exposes the occupants to potentially fatal injuries: if the airbags inflate they can strike any occupant who is not in one of the designed seat positions.
Before starting a trip, sit in the correct position and stay in this position as long as the vehicle is moving. Before every trip, make sure all passengers are sitting in the correct positions and remain correctly seated at all times ⇒ Seats and storage.