Adjusting the seat beltsAdjusting the seat belts  - How to wear seat belts properly - Seat belts - Safety - Audi S5 Owner's Manual - Audi S5

Always position seat belts properly for maximum safety.

Fig. 173 Adjusting shoulder and lap belt
Fig. 173 Adjusting shoulder and lap belt

The height of the front seat on your vehicle can be adjusted in order to match the position of the seat belt to your height.

Х The diagonal part of the belt should never be positioned across the neck, but roughly over the centre of the shoulder; it should fit closely against the upper part of the body. The lap part of the belt must be worn tightly across the hips, and not over the abdomen ⇒fig. 173. Pull the belt tight if necessary to take up any slack.
Х Always make sure that belt is positioned properly. Incorrectly worn seat belts can give rise to injuries even in a minor collision.
Х Seat belts worn too loose can result in injuries because they allow excessive forward movement in a crash; the occupant will be brought to a sudden stop by the belt webbing.