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Audi does everything possible to preserve the special qualities of leather as a natural product.

General notes

We have a wide selection of leathers. The main type used is nappa in various forms, that is leather with a smooth surface in a selection of colours.

The amount of dye used determines the appearance and properties of leather. If the leather is left in a more natural state, it retains its typical natural appearance and is pleasant and comfortable for the seat occupants. Fine veins, healed scars, insect bites, wrinkles and a subtle variation in shading remain visible; these are the characteristic features of genuine natural leather.

Natural napped leather does not have a protective surface coating of dye. It is therefore somewhat more prone to damage. You should bear this in mind if children or pets often travel in the car, or if there are other factors that could lead to damage.

Types of leather with a coloured surface coating are likely to be more resistant to damage. This has a great advantage for day-to-day use. However, this means that the typical natural characteristics of the surface are less apparent, though this does not affect quality.

Cleaning and care

Because of the natural properties of the specially selected hides employed, the finished leather has a certain sensitivity to grease and dirt, etc. so a degree of care is required in everyday use and when looking after the leather. Dark clothing (especially if damp or incorrectly dyed) may stain leather upholstery. Dust and grit in the pores and seams can have an abrasive effect and damage the surface of the leather. Therefore leather should be cleaned at regular intervals, depending on the actual amount of use. When they have been in use for a certain time, your car seats will acquire a typical and distinctive patina. This is characteristic for real leather upholstery, and is a sign of genuine quality.

To maintain the value of natural leather you should note the following points:

Х Avoid exposing leather to direct sunlight for long periods, otherwise it may tend to lose some of its colour. If the car is left for a prolonged period in the bright sun, it is best to cover the leather.
Х Sharp-edged objects on clothing, such as belts, zip fasteners, rivets or similar, can also leave permanent scratches and rough marks on the surface of the leather.

Х Use a suitable impregnating cream with ultra-violet protection at regular intervals and after cleaning. This cream will nourish and moisturise the leather, keep it supple and able to breathe. In addition, it will also help to protect the surface of the leather.
Х Clean the leather every 2 to 3 months and remove fresh dirt as necessary.
Х Remove stains from fresh ball-pen and other inks, lipstick, shoe cream and similar stains as soon as possible.
Х Preserve the colour of the leather. A special coloured cream will renew the colour of the leather when required and will eliminate differences in colour.