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Natural leather requires an extra degree of attention and care.

Normal cleaning

Ц Moisten a cotton or woollen cloth with water and wipe over the leather surfaces.

More stubborn dirt

Ц More stubborn dirt can be removed using a mild soap solution (pure liquid soap: two tablespoons dissolved in one litre of water).
Ц It is very important not to let the water soak through the leather or penetrate into the seams.
Ц Then wipe off with a soft, dry cloth.

Removal of stains

Ц Remove fresh water-based stains such as coffee, tea, juices, blood etc. with an absorbent cloth or kitchen roll, dried-on stains with the cleaning agent from the care set.
Ц Remove fresh fat-based stains on the surface such as butter, mayonnaise, chocolate, etc. with an absorbent cloth or kitchen roll or with the cleaning agent from the care set.
Ц Treat fat-based, dried-in stains with grease-dissolving spray.
Ц Treat less common stains such as ball-pen and other inks, felt-tip pens, nail polish, dispersion paint, shoe cream etc. with a special leather stain remover.

Leather care products

Ц The leather should be treated regularly (about twice a year) with a special leather-care product.
Ц Apply the cream very sparingly.
Ц Then wipe off with a soft, dry cloth.

Should you have any questions regarding the care and cleaning of the leather upholstery in your vehicle, we recommend that you contact your Audi dealer. The staff there will gladly provide you with further information on cleaning and care of your upholstery and on our complete range of leather care products:
Х Cleaning and care set
Х Coloured leather-care cream
Х Stain remover for ball-pen inks, shoe cream etc.
Х Grease dissolving spray
Х New products and further developments

On no account use solvents (such as petrol, turpentine), wax polish, shoe cream or similar materials.