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Removing dust and dirt

Ц Moisten a cloth just a little and wipe down the seat covers.

Removing stains

Ц Moisten a cloth with lukewarm water or diluted methylated spirits.
Ц Dab at the stain. Start at the outside and work inwards.
Ц Dry the area you have cleaned with a soft cloth.

Do not use leather cleaning products on Alcantara seat covers.

You may use a suitable shampoo on dust and dirt.

Dust and grit in the pores and seams can have an abrasive effect and damage the surface of the leather. If the car is left standing in the sun for long periods, the leather should be protected against direct sunlight to prevent it from fading. However, slight colour variations will arise in normal use.

Х Do not use solvents, wax polish, shoe cream, stain removers, leather cleaning products or any similar products on Alcantara.
Х To avoid damage, stubborn stains should be removed by a qualified workshop.
Х On no account use brushes, hard sponges or similar utensils.