Replacing the batteryReplacing the battery  - Battery - Checking and topping up fluids - General maintenance - Audi S5 Owner's Manual - Audi S5

A replacement battery must have the same specifications as the original equipment battery.

Your vehicle is equipped with an intelligent power management system to control the distribution of electrical energy.

The power management function ensures that the battery is charged much more efficiently than on vehicles without a power management system. For this additional power to be available after replacing the battery, we recommend that the replacement battery used is of the same make and type as the original-equipment battery. The battery must be encoded in the control unit for power management. This has to be done by a qualified workshop.

A replacement battery must have the same capacity, voltage (12 V) and current rating. It must also have the same dimensions as the original, factory-fitted battery and have sealed caps. The battery must comply with the standards TL 825 06 (dated December 1997 or later) and VW 7 50 73 (August 2001 or later).

Make sure that the vent hose is always attached to the opening on the side of the battery. Gases or battery acid can otherwise escape and possibly cause damage.
The battery holder and clamps must always be correctly secured.
Before starting any work on the battery, always observe the warnings listed under ⇒ Important safety warnings for handling a car battery.

For the sake of the environment
including sulphuric acid and Batteries contain toxic substances including sulphuric acid and lead. They must be disposed of appropriately and must not be put together with ordinary household waste. Make sure the battery removed from the vehicle cannot tip over. Otherwise, sulphuric acid could escape.