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The tread wear indicators show the condition of the tyre treads.

Fig. 220 Tyre tread: Tread wear indicators
Fig. 220 Tyre tread: Tread wear indicators

The original tyres on your vehicle have 1.6 mm high tread wear indicators ⇒ fig. 220 running across the tread. Depending on the make, there will be 6 to 8 of them spaced at equal distances around the tyre. Markings on the tyre sidewall (for instance the letters TWI or a triangle) indicate the positions of the tread wear indicators.

The minimum tread depth required by law in Germany is 1.6 mm (measured in the tread grooves next to the tread wear indicators).

Other specifications may apply in export countries.

To avoid putting safety at risk, the tyres must be replaced at the latest when the tread is worn down to the tread wear indicators.
Especially in difficult driving conditions such as wet or icy roads, it is important that the tyres have sufficient tread depth.
The tread depth should same on the tyres of both the front and the rear axles.
The decrease in driving safety due to insufficient tread depth is particularly evident in vehicle handling, when there is a risk of aquaplaning in deep puddles of water and when driving through corners. Braking is also adversely affected.
The speed has to be adapted accordingly, otherwise there is a risk of losing control over the vehicle.