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Some preparations are necessary before changing a wheel.

Ц If you have a flat tyre, stop the car well away from moving traffic. Choose a location that is as level as possible.
Ц All passengers should leave the car. They should wait in a safe place (for instance behind the roadside crash barrier).
Ц Apply the parking brake to stop the vehicle moving accidentally.
Ц Engage first gear (manual gearbox) or move selector lever to position P (automatic gearbox).
Ц When towing a trailer: unhitch the trailer from your vehicle.
Ц Take the tools and the spare wheel out of the luggage compartment.

If you have a puncture in moving traffic, switch on the hazard warning lights and place the warning triangle in a visible location.
This is for your own safety and also warns other road users.

If you have to change the tyre on a gradient, block the wheel opposite the wheel being changed by placing a stone or similar object under it to prevent the vehicle from rolling away.

Please observe the relevant regulations.