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The vehicle must be raised with the jack* to remove the wheel.

Fig. 231 Changing a wheel: Jacking points
Fig. 231 Changing a wheel: Jacking points

Fig. 232 Changing a wheel: Jack
Fig. 232 Changing a wheel: Jack

Each jacking point is marked by a recess underneath the vehicle ⇒ fig. 231.

Ц Place the jack underneath the jacking point closest to the wheel being changed. Make sure the base plate A is flat on the ground.
Ц Wind up the jack by the knob B until the claw of the jack C completely surrounds the seam on your vehicle ⇒ fig. 232.
Ц Now fit the crank handle D onto the jack by inserting it in the opening on the knob ⇒ fig. 232. Turn the crank handle clockwise or anti-clockwise to secure it in place.
Ц Raise the vehicle by winding the crank handle until the defective wheel is clear of the ground.

Recesses at the front and rear of the door sills mark the jacking points ⇒ fig. 231. There is one jacking point for each wheel. The distance from the jacking points to the wheel arches is approximately 20 cm at the front and 40 cm at the rear. The jack may only be applied at the seam of the jacking points shown.

An unstable surface under the jack may cause the vehicle to slip off the jack. Always provide a firm base for the jack on the ground. If necessary use a large, strong board or similar support. On a hard, slippery surface (such as tiles) use a rubber mat or similar to prevent the jack from slipping.

Х Prevent the base of the jack from slipping Ц risk of injury.
Х The car can be damaged if the jack is not applied at the correct jacking points. There is also a risk of injury since the jack can slip off suddenly if it is not properly engaged.