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As a general rule, tow-starting is not recommended.

Ц Engage 2nd or 3rd gear before moving off.
Ц Press the clutch and hold the pedal down.
Ц Switch on the ignition.
Ц Once both vehicles are moving, release the clutch.
Ц As soon as the engine starts: press the clutch and put the gear lever in neutral.

If the engine will not start, it is best to try starting it using the battery of another vehicle before attempting to tow start. You should only try to tow-start the engine if jump-starting is not successful. Tow-starting is an attempt to start the engine via the movement of the wheels.

When tow-starting a vehicle with a petrol engine, do not tow it more than a short distance, otherwise unburnt fuel can enter the catalytic converter and cause damage.

For technical reasons, it is not possible to tow-start a vehicle with automatic gearbox.

There is a high risk of accidents when tow-starting, as the towed vehicle can easily be driven into the towing vehicle.

When tow-starting the vehicle, do not tow it further than 50 metres: otherwise the catalytic converter could be damaged.