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Changing bulbs requires a certain degree of practical skill.

You can change the following bulbs for exterior lights yourself:
Х Bulb for turn signals
Х Bulb for fog light
Х Bulbs for rear lights in boot lid
Х Bulbs for rear lights in side panel
Х Bulbs for number plate light

The following bulbs should only be changed by a qualified workshop:
Х Xenon headlights: Light source for daytime running lights/parking lights
Х Bulb for headlights: Bi-xenon lights ⇒Х Light source for turn signal in exterior mirror housing
Х Light source for turn signal in exterior mirror housing
Х Light source for high-level brake light

As a rule, you require a certain degree of practical skill to change defective bulbs. This applies in particular to those bulbs which are only accessible from the engine compartment.

If in doubt, we recommend that you have defective bulbs changed by a qualified workshop or qualified mechanic.

If you do decide to change bulbs in the engine compartment yourself, be aware of the safety risks involved ⇒ Types of bulbs.

Types of bulbs

You must only replace a bulb with a bulb of the same type. Information regarding e.g. the wattage can be found on the base of the bulb.


Х Take particular care when working on components in the engine compartment if the engine is warm - risk of burns!
Х Bulbs are sensitive to pressure. The glass can break when you touch the bulb, causing injury.
Х Incorrect handling of the high-voltage element of xenon gasdischarge bulbs* can have potentially fatal consequences.
Х When changing bulbs, please take care not to injure yourself on sharp edges, in particular on the headlight housing.

Х Always remove the ignition key before carrying out any work on the electrical system - danger of short circuiting!
Х Switch off the lights or parking lights before you change a bulb.
Х Take good care to avoid damaging any components.
Х Removing the lights in particular can lead to the paintwork becoming damaged. This is another reason why we recommend having the bulbs changed by a qualified workshop.

For the sake of the environment
Please ask your specialist retailer how to dispose of used bulbs in the proper manner.

Place the parts you have removed on a soft cloth so that they do not become scratched.
Х Please check at regular intervals that all lighting (especially the exterior lighting) on your vehicle is functioning properly. This is not only in the interest of your own safety, but also in that of all other road users.
Х Before changing a bulb, make sure you have the correct new bulb.
Х Do not touch the glass part of the bulb with your bare hands, use a cloth or paper towel instead. Otherwise, the fingerprints left on the glass will vaporise as a result of the heat generated by the bulb, be deposited on the reflector and impair its surface.