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You can use the recall buttons in the driver's door to store and recall the seat adjustments for two drivers.

Driver's door: Seat memory
Driver's door: Seat memory

As well as the driver's seat position, the seat memory will store and recall the exterior mirror settings (if the vehicle is equipped accordingly):

Storing and recalling settings

You can store and recall the settings for two different drivers using the recall buttons 1 and 2.

In addition, the current settings are automatically stored when you lock the vehicle and assigned to the remote control key that is being used. When you unlock the vehicle, the system automatically recalls the settings stored on that remote control key.

Switching seat memory on and off

The seat memory will be out of action if the ON/OFF switch is in the raised position (press and release). The word OFF will then light up in the ON/OFF switch.

The stored settings will all remain in the memory. We recommend using the ON/OFF switch to deactivate the seat memory when the vehicle is being driven temporarily by a different dr