MultitronicMultitronic  - Automatic gearbox - Controls - Audi A5 Owner's Manual - Audi A5


The vehicle is equipped with an electronically controlled continuously variable transmission (multitronic). Unlike conventional automatics, the gear ratios are not shifted in fixed steps but continuously variable. This gives smoother transmission and makes for better fuel economy.

The gearbox selects the gear ratio and shifts up or down automatically according to the gear change programmes stored in the control unit, Dynamic gear control program (DCP).

The gearbox also has the tiptronic manual shift feature. This system allows the driver to select gears manually if required.

Please note that on vehicles with a multitronic gearbox, torque is transmitted via a multi-plate clutch, and not via a torque converter as on conventional automatics. This means that the car will not creep as much as conventional automatics when the engine is idling if you stop temporarily with the selector lever in position D, S or R.