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With the manual shift programme (tiptronic) the driver can manually select seven pre-programmed gears.

Centre console: Manual gear selection (tiptronic mode)
Centre console: Manual gear selection (tiptronic mode)

Display: Manual gear selection (tiptronic mode)
Display: Manual gear selection (tiptronic mode)

Switching over to the manual programme

Ц From position D, push the selector lever to the right. As soon as the automatic gearbox has changed over to this programme, the display will show the selected gear.

Shifting up a gear

Ц Briefly push the selector lever forwards (in the tiptronic gate) +.

Shifting down a gear

Briefly pull the selector lever backwards (in the tiptronic gate) -.

With the tiptronic system the driver can manually choose between 7 different pre-programmed gears. The manual programme can be selected either when stationary or while driving (by moving the lever out of position D).

When accelerating, the gearbox automatically shifts up into the next gear shortly before the maximum engine speed is reached.

If you select a gear which is lower than the gear shown in the instrument display, the gearbox will only shift down when there is no longer a risk of overrevving the engine.

When the vehicle slows down (for instance when braking), the gearbox automatically shifts down into the next gear when the minimum engine speed is reached.

Changing down to a lower gear increases the engine braking effect on downhill gradients.

When the accelerator pedal is pressed right down past the point of resistance at full throttle, the gearbox will select a lower gear, depending on road speed and engine speed.