Manual release of selector leverManual release of selector lever  - Automatic gearbox - Controls - Audi A5 Owner's Manual - Audi A5

The selector lever can be released manually if the electrical power supply should fail.

Removing ashtray
Removing ashtray

Manual release of selector lever
Manual release of selector lever

The manual release mechanism is behind the ashtray.

Ц Slide open the cover for the ashtray.
Ц Slide the switch A to the right to release the ashtray.
Ц Take out the ashtray B.
Ц You will now see a small cover cap at the front of the opening in the ashtray mounting unit.
Ц Loosen and remove this cover cap.
Ц Use a screwdriver or similar object to press down the pin, which is now accessible, and hold it down.
Ц Now press the interlock button on the selector lever and move the selector lever to position N.

The selector lever can only be moved out of position P if the ignition key is inserted and the ignition is switched on. If the power supply should ever fail (discharged battery, etc.) and the vehicle has to be pushed or towed, the selector lever must first be moved to position N. This is possible after operating the manual release mechanism.