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Some devices require rolling code programming of the HomeLink universal transmitter.

Identifying a rolling code

Press the already programmed HomeLink button again and hold it down.
Watch HomeLink diode A. If the diode starts flashing rapidly and turns into a constant light after about 2 seconds, this indicates that the device you wish to operate (e.g. a garage door opener) is equipped with a rolling code.
Program the rolling code as follows:

Activating the garage door opener drive unit

Locate the programming button on the garage door drive. The exact location and colour of the button may vary depending on the type of garage door opener.
Press the programming button on the door drive unit (this will normally cause a programming mode indicator lamp on the unit to light up). You now have about 30 seconds to start and complete the programming of the HomeLink control button on the operating unit.

Programming at the operating unit in the headliner

Press and release the already programmed HomeLink button.
Press the HomeLink button again to complete rolling code programming.

After programming at the operating unit in the headliner, the garage door opener should recognize the HomeLink signal and respond when the HomeLink button is pressed. Now the other control buttons can be programmed as required.

 Having a second person assist you makes programming of the rolling code easier Note

Having a second person assist you makes programming of the rolling code easier and faster. For some makes of garage door openers the HomeLink button may have to be pressed a third time to complete the training sequence.
If you encounter problems programming the rolling code you may find helpful information in the operating instructions of the garage door opener or other device you wish to operate.