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Unsecured loads are a hazard to all vehicle occupants.

There are fastening rings in the luggage compartment which can be used to secure luggage and other objects.

Use the fastening rings to secure items safely in the luggage compartment in Loading the luggage compartment on.

During a collision or an accident, even small and light objects can possess so much energy that they can cause very severe injuries.

The amount of this kinetic energy depends on the speed of the vehicle and the weight of the object. The most significant factor, however, is the speed of the vehicle.

An example: An object weighing 4.5 kg is lying unsecured in the vehicle. During a frontal collision at a speed of 50 km/h, this object generates a force corresponding to 20 times its weight. That means that the effective weight of the object increases to about 90 kg. You can imagine the severity of the injuries which might be sustained if this projectile strikes an occupant as it flies through the passenger compartment.

If items of luggage or other objects are secured to the fastening rings with WARNING

If items of luggage or other objects are secured to the fastening rings with inappropriate or damaged retaining cords, injuries could result in the event of sudden braking or a collision.
To prevent pieces of luggage or other objects from flying forward, always use appropriate retaining cords which are properly secured to the fastening rings.
Never secure a child seat on the fastening rings.