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There are a number of safety points concerning the seat belts which you should remember. This will help to reduce the risk of injury in an accident.

 The seat belts can only provide maximum protection if the seats are adjusted WARNING

The seat belts can only provide maximum protection if the seats are adjusted properly, Seats and storage.
To ensure proper protection, it is important to wear the seat belts in the correct position, How to wear seat belts properly. Ensure that the seat belts are worn exactly as recommended in this chapter. Belts which are not worn properly can increase the risk of injury in accidents considerably.
Do not allow the seat belt to become twisted or jammed, or to rub on any sharp edges.
Never allow two passengers (even children) to share the same seat belt. It is especially dangerous to place a seat belt over a child sitting on your lap.
Do not wear the belt over hard or fragile objects (such as glasses or pens, etc.) because this can cause injuries.
Loose, bulky clothing (such as an overcoat over a jacket) impairs the proper fit and function of the belts.
The belts must be kept clean, otherwise the retractors may not work properly page 226, Seat belts.
The slot in the seat belt buckle must not be blocked with paper or other objects, as this can prevent the latch plate from engaging properly.
The latch plate of the belt must always be engaged in the correct buckle for that seat, otherwise the belt will not be fully effective.
Check the condition of the seat belts at regular intervals. If you notice that the belt webbing, fittings, retractor mechanism or buckle of any of the belts is damaged, the belt must be replaced by a qualified workshop.
The seat belts must not be removed or modified in any way. Do not attempt to repair a damaged belt yourself.
Seat belts which have been worn in an accident and stretched must be replaced by a qualified workshop. The belt anchorages should also be checked.