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Driving with a trailer always requires extra care.

Weight distribution

Try to avoid towing a loaded trailer with an unladen vehicle. If this cannot be avoided, drive extra slowly to allow for the unbalanced weight distribution.


The stability of the car and trailer is reduced with increasing speed.

For this reason it is advisable not to drive at the maximum permissible top speed in unfavourable road, weather or wind conditions.

This applies especially on a downhill gradient.

You should always reduce speed immediately if the trailer shows the slightest sign of swaying. Never try to stop the swaying by accelerating further.

Always brake in good time. If the trailer has an overrun brake, apply the brakes gently at first and then firmly. This will prevent the jerking that can be caused by the trailer wheels locking. Change down in good time before going down a steep hill so that you can use the engine braking effect to slow down the vehicle.

Swaying and pitching can be reduced by stabiliser aids. We recommend having stabiliser aids installed when towing trailers with a high trailer weight. They can be purchased and installed at an Audi dealer.


When climbing long hills in hot weather with the engine running fast in low gear, you should keep an eye on the coolant temperature gauge. Reduce speed immediately if the needle moves to the top end of the scale. If the temperature warning lamp should start flashing, stop the car and let the engine cool down by running it at in the instrument cluster should start flashing, stop the car and let the engine cool down by running it at idling speed for a few minutes.