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Points to observe when tow-starting or towing away If you use a towrope:

Notes for the driver of the towing vehicle

Ц The towrope must be taut before driving off.

Ц Engage the clutch very gently when starting to move; on vehicles with automatic gearbox press the accelerator slowly.

Notes for the driver of the towed vehicle

Ц The ignition should be switched on so that the turn signals, horn, windscreen wipers and washers can be used. Please ensure that the steering wheel is unlocked when you switch on the ignition, and that it moves freely.

Ц Put gear lever in neutral (manual gearbox) or move selector lever to position N (automatic gearbox).

Ц The brake servo and power steering only work when the engine is running. Considerably more effort is required on the brake pedal and steering wheel when the engine is switched off.

Ц Ensure that the towrope remains taut at all times when towing.

Towrope or to

It is easier and safer to tow a vehicle with a towbar. You should only use a towrope if you do not have a towbar.

A towrope should be slightly elastic to reduce the loading on both vehicles. It is advisable to use a towrope made of synthetic fibre or similar material.

Attach the tow-rope or tow-bar only to the towing anchorages intended for this purpose or.

Driving technique

Towing requires some experience Ц especially when using a towrope. Both drivers should be familiar with the technique required for towing. Inexperienced drivers should not attempt to tow-start or tow away another vehicle.

Do not pull too hard with the towing vehicle and take care to avoid jerking the towrope. When towing on a loose surface there is always a risk of overloading and damaging the anchorage points.

If there is no oil in the gearbox or no lubricant in the automatic transmission Caution

If there is no oil in the gearbox or no lubricant in the automatic transmission the car may only be towed with the driven wheels lifted clear of the road, or transported on a special car transporter or trailer.

Х Note the regulations concerning towing. Note

Х Note the regulations concerning towing.
Х The hazard warning lights of both vehicles must normally be switched on. However, observe any regulations to the contrary.
Х Make sure that the towrope is not twisted, as otherwise the front towline anchorage on your vehicle could work itself loose.