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Bulb holder for side lights is highlighted
Bulb holder for side lights is highlighted

Removing bulb for side lights

Remove the headlight.
Swivel the retaining clip of the cover upwards.
Take off the cover, in Changing bulbs on page 276.
Grasp the bulb holder by the handle and pull it out.
Lightly press the defective bulb into the bulb carrier, then turn it anti-clockwise and remove it.

Installing bulb for side lights

Fit the new bulb, pressing it into the bulb holder and turn it clockwise as far as it will go.
Use a clean cloth to remove any fingerprints from the glass part of the bulb.
Insert the bulb carrier into the headlight.
Fit the cover and swivel the retaining clip downwards.
Install the headlight.
Check whether the new bulb is working.