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The instrument shows how far you have travelled.

Instrument cluster: Mileage recorder

Instrument cluster: Mileage recorder

Instrument cluster: Reset button

Instrument cluster: Reset button

The mileage is stated in kilometres (УkmФ) or УmilesФ.

You can switch the display from kilometres to miles and vice versa via the sound system or MMI* using the CAR button on the control console.

Odometer / trip recorder

The odometer records the vehicle's total mileage.

The trip recorder shows the distance that has been travelled since it was last reset. It is used to measure individual journeys. The last digit of the trip recorder indicates distances of 100 metres or tenths of a mile.

The trip recorder can be reset to zero by pressing the reset button ⇒ fig. 6.

Fault display

If there is a fault in the instruments, the letters dEF appear permanently in the trip recorder display. Please have the fault rectified as soon as possible.


When the ignition is switched on, the security programming of the ignition key is verified electronically.

If an uncoded key is used, SAFE will appear continuously in the mileage recorder display. The vehicle cannot then be driven.


  • Х The date, time and recorded mileage will continue to be displayed for about 30 seconds after you switch off the ignition.
  • Х The digital clock and mileage recorder displays are switched on for about 30 seconds when the driver's door is opened.
  • Х When the ignition is switched off, the mileage recorder can be switched on for about 30 seconds by pressing the button, fig. 3.