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The on-board computer has two automatic journey memories.

On-board computer: Memory

On-board computer: Memory

Press RESET button B ⇒ fig. 20 to switch back and forward between the functions of on-board computers 1 and 2.

The number in the display, fig. 19 indicates which of the two memories is currently in use. The figure 1 means that the display is showing the information in the single journey memory (on-board computer 1). The figure 2 means that the display is showing the information in the total journey memory (on-board computer 2).

Single journey memory (on-board computer 1)

The single journey memory processes the information on a journey from the time the ignition is switched on until it is switched off. If the journey is resumed within two hours after the ignition is switched off, the new figures are automatically included in the calculation. The memory is automatically deleted when you resume driving, if the journey is interrupted for more than two hours.

Total journey memory (on-board computer 2)

Unlike the single journey memory, the total journey memory is not erased automatically. In this way, you can determine the period for which you wish the on-board computer to supply figures.