Headlight washer systemHeadlight washer system  - Windscreen wipers - Lights and vision - Controls - Audi A4 Owner's Manual - Audi A4

The headlight washer system only operates when the lights are switched on.

– Move the automatic wash and wipe lever to position 5, fig. 67.

The headlight washer system is always activated the first time you operate the automatic wash and wipe. Subsequently, it is only activated about every five wash and wipe cycles. The headlights are always washed if you hold the lever for longer than about 2 seconds.

The headlight washer jets come out of the bumper automatically (under water pressure).

Clean off stubborn dirt (insects, etc.) from the lenses at regular intervals, for instance when stopping for fuel.

To ensure that the system works properly in winter, keep the nozzle holders free of snow and remove any ice with a de-icer spray.