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It is possible to adjust the position and shape of the seat manually so that you can travel in a safe and comfortable sitting position.

Before adjusting your seat, please read and observe the warnings ⇒ Moving seat backwards or forwards.

Moving seat backwards or forwards

Ц Lift the lever 1 ⇒ fig. 75 and move the seat to the desired position. Ц Then release the lever 1 and move the seat further until the catch engages.

Extending or shortening the thigh support*

Ц Lift the control 2 below the seat cushion. The front seat cushion will spring forward. Ц Slide the seat cushion back to the normal position after each use.

Adjusting angle of seat cushion*

Ц Pull the lever 3 ⇒ fig. 75 up or down repeatedly (i.e. pump the lever).

Adjusting contour of lumbar support*

Ц Press the front or rear part of the adjuster switch 4 to increase or decrease the curvature of the lumbar support as required.

Adjusting height of lumbar support*

Ц Press the top or bottom part of the adjuster switch 4 to move the lumbar support upwards or downwards as required.

Raising or lowering the seat

Ц Pull the lever 5, fig. 75 up or down repeatedly (i.e. pump the lever).

Adjusting backrest angle

Ц Lean forwards to take your weight off the backrest.
Ц Turn the adjuster wheel 6, fig. 75 to set the angle of the backrest as required.


  • Х Never adjust the driver's seat when the vehicle is moving - this could lead to an accident.
  • Х Be careful when adjusting the seat height. Careless or uncontrolled use of the seat adjustment can cause injuries.
  • Х Do not drive with the backrests of the front seats reclined too far as otherwise the seat belt and airbag could fail to restrain the wearer properly in an accident, possibly leading to injury.