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If you're familiar with the redesigned A4's interior, there won't be anything too surprising in the A5. Of course, since that car hasn't been on sale very long I guess I still have to do my job and explain the A5's innards.

Again, my test car's color palette influenced my opinion. Its beige leather seats and near-olive dashboard and door panels were an off-putting combination, and the drab dash color didn't look nearly as good as Audi's simple black. The front seats, however, are extremely comfortable, and the leather is very high-grade. Even the backseat is comfortable enough for adults during short trips. There are also electronic controls on top of the front seat that make it easy to slide it forward whether you're in the backseat or standing outside the car waiting to get in.

The A5's trunk, at 12 cubic feet, is spacious, though not as commodious as the A4 sedan's, which measures 16.9 cubic feet. The A5's rear seats also fold flat in a 60/40 split, making the coupe pretty practical.